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Whitepaper - Lightweight Stream Encryption for the Internet of Things
Learn why traditional encyrption algorithms aren't suitable for most IoT applications and the benefits of using the LSET algorithms in your IoT device. Download the PDF file.

Whitepaper - LSET Implementation in the Network
For many applications the developers will have a choice in where the LSET code is executed. In other cases, the network infrastructure may dictate where the LSET code must be executed to provide end-to-end data security. This paper will present several different network configurations and discuss the applicability of the LSET algorithms for those configurations. Download the PDF file.

Whitepaper - Random Number Generation for IoT Devices
Most encyrption algorithms rely on random numbers for keys. A low degree of randomness in the keys can compromise the security of an encryption algorithm. This whitepaper presents a number of ways to generate random numbers with a high degree of randomness even on small IoT devices. Download the PDF file.

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