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LSE Technologies has two product lines, random number generators and lightweight data encryption source code packages. Please select the website of interest below.

A high quality random number generator (RNG) is critical for effective data encryption. In developing the LSET stream encryption algorithms, LSE Technologies has also developed a very high quality deterministic random number generator (DRNG). Using a number of simpler pseudo-random number generators to feed this DRNG, effectively true random number generation is achieved. This is the basis for our eTrueRNG™ algorithm. Enter the Random Number Generator website

Security is one of THE hot topics today in the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT itself is still in its infancy and the lack of security has quickly become one of its major growing pains. There have been well publicized security breaches of consumer devices that include video from wireless baby monitors being hijacked and posted on the Internet and home automation systems that reveal whether a home is occupied or not. Our family of LSET (Lightweight Stream Encryption Technology) encryption algorithms were developed specifically for use in IoT applications. Enter the LSET website.

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